Corporate Roof Garden, NYC

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Corporate Roof Garden, NYC

This showpiece project combines preservation and improvement to a multi-level roof garden located within the iconic landmarked Rockefeller Center commercial office building complex.

In addition to lush, functional greenspace, property owners and tenants desired rehabilitation and program upgrades to the roof garden’s infrastructure, framework, and utilities as well as programming and accessibility upgrades to garden levels.

The work began with removal and salvage of hardscape and landscape materials for reuse, adding new garden features to expand and extend functionality while preserving key design features throughout. Aging plant materials in poor condition were replaced with a selection of hardy ornamental species to withstand harsh roof conditions and maximize visual interest, both within the garden and from adjacent office vantages year-around.

The reimagined garden framework focused on the roof’s redesigned central water feature and was tied together with salvaged stone and brick walking paths and terraces, preserved limestone steps and perimeter parapet walls. Rebuilt stacked stone garden curb walls, refurbished metal work, enhanced landscape compositions and a permeable lawn panel were all integrated into the space, highlighted by new accent lighting throughout.

The result – a tasteful, eye-pleasing design that seamlessly met the aesthetic requirements of Rockefeller Plaza’s Historic Landmark status while providing functional open garden spaces for stakeholders and their employees.

Completed: October 2019
Client: Tishman Speyer