Mill Rock Plaza Sun Deck, NYC

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Mill Rock Plaza Sun Deck, NYC

Looking for a way to bring new life to a 1970s-era luxury high-rise in Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood, owners tasked us with reimagining a welcoming community rooftop sun deck. The 5,000 SF deck off the common second-floor hallway is now fully accessible thanks to a new ramp and automatic door openings.

Versatility was a top priority which our design delivers through a symmetrical layout that can accommodate seating for up to 50, with plenty of smaller spaces where individuals and groups can unwind. The large footprint was divided into various sized social spaces including a large, central area with lounge chair and chat table groupings for casual use and smaller, more intimate spaces bordering the central area.

Spaces are defined by symmetrically arranged planters featuring summer-flowering Crepe Myrtle trees for shade, flowering shrubs for accent and screening and generous use of ornamental grasses and colorful annuals throughout.

A custom aluminum pergola mounted to the roof stairwell bulkhead and adorned with flowering vines provides shade to the dining space below while decorative metal screen panels close off unsightly utilities and storage areas from view.

Comfortable backed benches, adjustable chaise lounges with side tables and dining tables and chairs placed in niche areas offer seating for individuals and small groups. The palette of movable furniture within these spaces allows for endless arrangements for casual use.

The new sun deck’s pleasing views of the neighborhood are accentuated by consistently cooling breezes, thanks to the building’s proximity to the East River. It’s a space sure to be enjoyed by all residents and their guests for years to come.

Completed: July 2020

Client: Mill Rock cooperative Board/Orsid NY